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Divisional Spotlight


We're working for you!

To help our citizens better understand the various city divisions we will be featuring them here.  Each month a new division(s) will be introduced here.

We are excited to share what we do with the citizens of Hurst! 

Be sure to view all videos, listed below, in our archive!

City of Hurst Fire Department



Did You Know Fire Department - Fire Prevention...

  • Has 3 distinct divisions?
    • Fire Prevention
    • Fire Education
    • Fire Investigations
  • Has only 2 employees.... The Fire Marshal and Fire Inspector?
  • Maintains proficiency in building, fire, and mechanical codes, as well as UL standards, and over 360 National Fire Protection Agency standards?
  • Maintains knowledge in Federal and State laws as they pertain to code compliance?
  • Inspects approximately 2100 businesses each year?
  • Reviews new construction plans for fire protection systems, mechanical systems, access control, and fuel systems?
  • Has a Fire Education program that reaches approximately 5000 kids each year?
  • Provides business outreach for fire safety drills, extinguisher classes, and business continuity?
  • And of course, fire investigations.

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